nopana's journal.

03.09.2022 - reboot.

decided to begin making a new site. wanted something more representative of who i am now. gonna go through with deleting all social media and kinda ridding myself of it. so for now, i'll be going through the process of updating everything. a couple of things i wanna do create a comment box for my random thoughts and shit. don't worry, i'll be keeping the old games up there in addition to some new stuff.

btw, made all the music here myself :3

03.10.2022 - springbreak

springbreak is coming and i'll be at my girlfriend's place for a week. pretty excited, her family really likes me. but before that, i have to focus on today, like my therapy appointment, chinese homework and more screenwriting for my classes. i've been having a rough time recently, talking to my dad about moving out of college housing. however, he thinks it's a good idea and so i'll be trying to move out and get an apartment with my gf. it's kinda stressful thinking about, especially when apply for internships and pitching shows places. but, i think it'll all work out in the end. in the meantime though, once my homework for the break is over, i'll be updating this website more and more. have a lot of ideas, so i think writing out the code on paper would help. i'll make a link to share that once it's operational.

03.17.2022 - thursday in ma

well, good news. apartment is a go, and will be getting one with my gf. bad news, my parents still don't know i live with her now or have lived with her before. feel like i'm going to hear a lot of sexist comments and stuff about how i'm irresponsible, but it's okay. anyways, been in MA for about 5 days now, which is cool. it's been really nice hanging out with her and her family. also have been doing a lot of editing work and writing for my other courses. even with all that though, i feel pretty good here. i just wish i wasn't bothered so much by job calling me last minute for editing.

i'm getting this feeling that i'm too clingy with her and it'll eventually cause a rift. i'm just really afraid of screwing up or doing something totally stupid. i don't want time apart, but i do want to actively create more space for her to do her thing without me wanting to tag along or help. overall though, i think i've been a good partner. just feel like i could do a way better job of staying out of her way when she needs it.